Watch and Share UU TV

UU TV -- Videos from the UUA

UU TV is an outreach project of mine dedicated to making Unitarian Universalism easier to explore.  Featuring over 1600 videos for and by Unitarian Universalists and friends, viewers can browse videos collected from across video sharing sites. All videos added to the site are automatically distributed via the UU TV Facebook and @UUTV on Twitter.

Organized into playlists, each video is approved manually by me to the site to make sure it is related to our faith, not a random band performing at a UU venue.

Playlists include:

  • From the UUA
  • UUSC
  • Beacon Press
  • About Unitarian Universalism
  • Congregation Spotlights
  • Sermons and Worship
  • More…

Anyone can add  UU TV widgets and players to websites (iframe or flash) based on any of the site’s playlists.  This is an easy way for any member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association to add related media to their site without worrying about ongoing updates.  Add a playlist driven widget or viewer and the content is updated as I update playlists.  Don’t think something is appropriate the appears in one of your hosted widgets? Shoot me an email.  Easy….

Add UU TV to your site:


2 thoughts on “Watch and Share UU TV

  1. Peter,
    How much of the content on UUTV is licensed for reuse or for public broadcast on Television? Is there a separate area where licensed media is stored? Thanks for your help.

    1. All of the content on the site is embedded via video sharing tools from the primary hosting site such as Youtube and Vimeo. You’d have to go to the source for each video to permissions. No set area on UU TV for content approved for public broadcast. You can email me if you want to discuss further. You’re the third person to ask this question so maybe something needs to be organized.

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