Work With Me

I am an independent consultant working with Unitarian Universalist congregations across United States, as well as with other denominations and nonprofits.   For scheduling and other inquiries please email me or call my office at (617) 744-9784.  ~ Peter

You may read more about the services I offer below and on my interfaith consulting site,  I also encourage you to speak with your district and regional UUA staff to find out what support they are able to offer.

Overview of Services

I offer a wide range of services  for Unitarian Universalist congregations, districts and related organizations interested in UU growth, outreach, media, small groups, volunteer development, strategic planning, team building, youth & young adult ministry — you get the idea.  Below is an outline of the services I offer, though with our changing times my work and ministry with our congregations is rapidly evolving. When in doubt, give me a call. I’ll let you know if I can be of service.

Guest Preaching

I am a frequent guest speaker at Unitarian Universalist congregations  throughout New England, especially MA, CT and RI.  I speak on a wide range of topics, though the most popular topics are related to growing congregations and sharing our faith. When possible I like to couple guest speaking with programming during your fellowship time following the service.  There are a number of options for how to use this time from a Q&A on the service theme  to a congregation-wide workshop to help make future fellowship hours more friendly.

Retreat Facilitation

I am a regular meeting and retreat facilitator for congregations, districts and related organizations.  Recent work includes facilitating district board retreats for the Ballou Channing District and joint meeting of the Clara Barton and Mass Bay Districts.

  • Staff Retreats
  • Board Retreats
  • Congregational Retreats
  • Cluster and Chapter Meetings
  • Mission – Vision Work
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Building Events
  • Hosting larger UU Events as MC

Consulting & Coaching

A growing area of my work is consulting with and coaching UU leaders on cultural change and new ministry models.  Change isn’t easy and it rarely comes about from attending a single workshop.  This year I have started accepting clients seeking a combination of training, mentoring and accountability in moving in new directions.  A combination of webinars, Skype video conferencing, conference calls and email now make it possible to work with congregations across our association.

Presentations, Workshops & Trainings

I am available to lead programming for any sized gathering of Unitarian Universalists.  This includes on-site workshops and presentations using conference calls, webinars and video conferencing.  I offer presentations, workshops and  trainings in the following areas. I am more than happy to customized presentations for specific audiences.

  • growth
  • outreach
  • evangelism
  • hospitality
  • membership
  • greeter training
  • youth ministry
  • young adult ministry
  • small group ministry
  • volunteer development
  • lay leadership development
  • blogs, Facebook & Twitter
  • video production
  • strategic planning
  • team building


With the proliferation of social media tools available most of our congregations are wrestling with which tools to embrace. I offer consulting and training on-site and remotely.  My goal is to help you integrate new tools gradually into your ministry.  There is no one size fits all approach.

  • Social Media Strategies including Youtube, Face Book and Twitter
  • Audio and Video Podcasting
  • Website Usability Testing
  • Communication Strategic Planning
  • Developing a Communication, Media and/or Tech Team
  • 21st Century Ministry Survival  for Luddite Ministers

Video Production & Training

Advances in digital media is making communicating via web video not only affordable, but an expectation. Today people research congregation websites before visiting and judge a community before even stepping foot on site. Whether you produce it yourself or call on a media professional (like me) to work with you,  make sure your website greets visitors with a welcoming video.  It doesn’t have to be a huge production. In fact, I believe the simpler the better.  I offer trainings on video production for our congregations as well as traditional video production services.  Whether you hire a professional or learn to do it yourself, the most important thing is to engage with people online and share your story.

Chances are your congregation is filled with people who dabble with video.  A great way to increase your congregations video production capacity is to train interested members and friends to better use the cameras they already own.  There are many basics of video production that can quickly and easily be taught.  I’m now moving away from offering video production services myself to designing trainings for congregations, clusters, and so on.  If you’d like to boost your media capacity, contact me to discuss the options. I can help promote the event and have my expenses covered by a small registration fee (handled online) per participant.

There are many kinds of videos that can be produced to support the ministry of your congregation:

  • Welcome Videos
  • Meet the Minister
  • Member Testimonials
  • About Our Congregation – A Short Overview
  • Capital Campaign & Fund Raising Videos
  • Congregational Tours
  • What to Expect When Visiting
  • About our Religious Education Program
  • Documenting Important Events in Life of Congregation
  • Document and Share Teacher Training Videos
  • Video Supplements to Grant Applications
  • Video for Ministerial Search Packet