Guest Preaching and Pulpit Supply

Amy and I guest preach across Southern New England, both individually and as a team, and  travel nationwide to offer keynotes, seminars and other trainings. We are now booking through Spring 2013.

She is a Unitarian Universalist minister and I am a Unitarian Universalist consultant, change agent and television producer.

Not sure if we’ll travel to your congregation?  Don’t decide for us, ask away.  Given notice we can schedule a training for area congregations on the Saturday and make it a weekend trip with registration covering travel expenses.

Tip: Start by letting us know of your interest so we can hold dates while  exploring the possibilities.   

Booking:  Please email me, Amy, or call (617) 744-9784.

Pulpit Supply Service Themes

Peter BowdenPeter Bowden 
Topics related to Unitarian Universalist growth, vision/mission, Small Group Ministry & Covenant Groups, changing cultural trends, technology and digital ministry, the future of Unitarian Universalism, turning congregations inside-out (being outward focused instead of member oriented), gift based ministry,  and other topics in consultation with leadership. Freedman
Creating a Kindness Revolution,  Nurturing Community, Sufi Mystic Hafiz, Meditations with Emerson, Darwin’s God, Are You Listening?, Eve’s Side of the Story*, Sarah’s Laughter*, Conversations with Margaret Fuller*   * =Dramatic Sermons