The UU Growth Lab and Spin-Off Labs

The UU Growth Lab, a Facebook group, was created to serve as a free space and think tank for Unitarian Universalist Change Agents.  With approaching 1,000 members as of September 1, 2012, this group is an amazing source for ideas, inspiration and resources for Unitarian Universalists interested in growing our faith.  Interested in UU growth?  Join us!

Note the group is closed so it is not searchable and content is visible to only group members. All are welcomed into the group.

Soon after launching the lab, other topic focused spin-off labs were created by lab members. More on that below.

About the UU Growth Lab

I launched the lab after colleagues (clergy, lay people and UUA staff) expressed discomfort in participating in growth oriented norm-challenging conversations via public blogs.  There was interest in something not Google searchable, a forum that was more like a “UU Growth lounge.”  The lab took off immediately with 50 people joining the first day, 500 by the following General Assembly.

Lab Directory

After launching other lab members began creating topic focused spin-off labs. A list of these spin-off labs may be found below, in launch order.  Note that I DID NOT create any of the other labs.

Don’t see a lab you are looking for? Either no one has told me it exists yet, or it is inactive and I’ve stopped promoting it. Feel free to send me a message if you’ve launched a lab and would like it listed here.

16 thoughts on “The UU Growth Lab and Spin-Off Labs

  1. Hi Peter, I’m very interested in you UU Growth Lab group. I do volunteer publicity and communications at the UU in Pensacola. I am still pretty new to UU and I’m still learning a lot. We do not have an official growth team but I have been participating in our church’s growth efforts. I don’t know how much I can add but I’d love to have the opportunity to see what other’s are doing and be able to ask questions.


    1. Peter, I’ve been staying in touch somewhat annonymously since we met at Ferry Beach the summer of ’05
      I believe. You were one of the facilitators for the Small Group Ministry course. I would be very interested
      in chatting with folks about growth ideas.

      1. I would learn a lot from others I’m sure and would like to share what thoughts/experiences I have

  2. Dear Peter,

    I’m excited to have found you! I am a Covenant Group facilitator, choir member a have a strong interest in attracting teens and college students to UUism. New, fresh ideas are always welcome.

  3. I wonder if we should start a Missional Lab? Or in true missional style would that be too attraction oriented and we should just infect all the other labs with our virus? 🙂 but curious.

  4. Peter I have started a UU lab called “UU Bloggers” ( on Facebook for all Unitarian Universalist bloggers especially those that blog about UUism or an aspect of it to come together for discussion. Especially discussion regarding blogging best practises, getting your message out there (in this case a UU message) and, attracting and maintaining a following. And thanks for all your wonderful UU growth materials.

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