Guest Posts

Guest posts are welcome from Unitarian Universalists leaders and innovators I know.  If I don’t know you, connect with me via social media (see sidebar), participate in the UU Growth Lab or UU Social Media Lab on Facebook, and/or introduce yourself sometime in person.

Corporate social media workers, no guest posts for you!

If you are a colleague or active participant in our online UU Growth community, check-in with me via email to make sure your post idea is appropriate for this site.  Do you have an idea, news or resource to share related to Unitarian Universalist growth, outreach and/or media?  That’s what I’m looking for…

Guest Post Basics

The following is a general guide  for guest posts on this site including a general template you may follow,  reminders of the details I need to appropriately credit you, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Share a one line intro of who you are for me to share including link to any affiliated websites you’d like to highlight.


If available, provide a profile image style photo of you (attach or link to it). Not huge file but a cropped head shot. If you don’t have one, send best you have and I can crop and resize.


If available, a graphic or photo representing the topic of your post. A themed photo greatly increases sharing via Facebook and other social networking sites.


I recommend the following structure. Note that I’ll introduce you so jump right to the situation.

What is the situation congregations or Unitarian Universalism at large is facing? Tell people your understanding / experience of it.

What did you do to address this or do you propose be done?

What was the response? What do you think the impact of proposed action would be?

Prompt readers take some action. Spell out some action. Too often we aren’t clear about how to move forward. Give people a specific assignment.

  • Next year on [annual event] try this…
  • At your next [type of meeting] discuss this question
  • To go deeper, read [link to content] with [identify committee/team]


If you have a resource or file to share, make sure to share the link with me or send the attachment. Sent attachments will be uploaded to the site and linked to from within post.

6— Cross Posting

Have you’re own blog? It is fine to submit posts to be cross posted. This can be a great way to get exposure for a newer site.  If your post is already written and on your site, email me the URL and let me know you’re interested in cross posting.  On the guest post we can include a “Cross posted” notice with a link to your original blog post.

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