GA Video Blog: Redefining Congregations for the 21st Century?

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From my entry on the UU World’s blog:

In the 21st century, what’s a congregation? A gathering of people in a brick and mortar building? What about communities that gather using online communication tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype? And what about the virtual world of Second Life? This afternoon I attended a UUA Board-hosted conversation on redefining congregations in our Association’s by-laws. In this segment I meet up with Abbey Tennis to discuss the conversation. Will Saturday’s PLENARY V be a historic vote to no longer specify that UUA member congregations be “local” congregations?

(Don Skinner reported on the same event earlier today in his post Workshop: Do congregations need walls?)

One thought on “GA Video Blog: Redefining Congregations for the 21st Century?”

  1. The congregation I attend, but have not joined has the lecture format mentioned. Even though I am 60 years old, I don’t like it. We feel it has hurt membership attendance and growth, so I was glad to hear that I’m not alone in wanting more than a lecture on a subject.

    I’m going to share this video with some others pondering these questions.

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