Dear @UUABookstore, Thank you for listening…

I just wanted to  say THANK YOU to the  staffer managing the UUA Bookstore’s Twitter account for listening…  All too often people crank out the promoting tweets and don’t listen in turn.

Earlier today I shared a tweet about looking forward to reading Michael Durall’s new book Church Do’s and Don’ts, someone replied with a question about ordering information, and the @UUABookstore replied with the information.   The book is going to be available at the UUA Bookstore booth at GA.  That’s the way to do it.  You can see the Twitter exchange below.

Church Do’s and Don’ts isn’t available to order online yet, but we’ll let you know when it is.!/uuplanet/status/79258697179742209!/UUABookstore/status/79256886804885505!/YesYvonne/status/79220645556269056!/uuplanet/status/79216896980959233

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