UU Good News Tuesdays

Our UU community on Twitter has started sharing good news from our congregations and Unitarian Universalism at large on Tuesdays by sharing news with the #uugoodnews tag.

We thought it would be fun to bring this practice to Facebook and UU blogs in general.

If you have any to share, just share it on Tuesdays and mention “UU Good News Tuesday”  or just “UU Good News.”

What’s your UU Good News?

Mine is that we have an amazing community of over 500 people in the UU Growth Lab talking growth 24/7 and that over 70 will be at General Assembly.  It makes me very hopeful about the future of Unitarian Universalism to have so many people engaged with each other talking growth.

There are also a number of spin-off labs that have been created, including a 100+ strong UU Young Adult Growth Lab and a UU Social Media lab.

UU Growth Lab
UU Growth Lab at GA
UU Social Media Lab
UU Young Adult Growth Lab
UU Spirit in Practice Lab
UU Adult Religious Education

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