Unitarian Universalist Twitter #Hashtags

If you or your congregation are tweeting, try using  hashtags to share your tweets with a larger audience.

On Twitter messages can be tagged with keywords using the # symbol followed by a word. These are are called hashtags.  Hashtags allow people to participate in  conversations without actively following all of those tweeting on the subject.

Within each tweet (Twitter message) adding the # symbol turns the word it is connected to into a link.  These links, when clicked, bring up every tweet on Earth tagged with the same hashtag.  You might only have a small number of followers, but if you tag your tweets well, they may be read by thousands of people.

Click here to see Twitter search results for #UU, the most popular Unitarian Universalist hashtag.

Here’s an example of a tagged tweet:


As you are tweeting, add a # to create tags such as: #spirituality #meditation #interfaith #atheist #pagan #humanism #green and so on.  Just keep in mind the audience you want to reach and that for tags to work, they need to be  consistent.  If most of us are using #UU for Unitarian Universalism and you tag #UUA or #Unitarian, people aren’t going to find your tweets. Same goes for using #meditating instead of #meditation.

To help you tag your tweets the Rev. Naomi King (@revnaomiking) and the UU Social Media Lab are maintaining a list of hashtags our larger UU Twitter community has embraced.

 Unitarian Universalist Hashtag Directory

Take a look at the directory and try adding some tags to your tweets to get more out of the time you’re investing in  Twitter.  Thanks to Naomi and the UU Social Media Lab for compiling and maintaining the directory!

Logo by Christopher Wulff (@cwulff). 

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