Richard Gilbert’s “Walk the Talk” congregational social justice workbook

The Rev. Richard Gilbert led a program in the Ballou Channing District last year (Feb. 2010) and was kind enough to share the full workshop / program guide and congregational social justice self-evaluation.  I shared these resource last year, but am re-posting as several congregations have asked for resources of this kind in the UU Growth Lab.  The workshop explored the spiritual roots of our concern for social justice and the unique UU mission to translate concern into action. Participants learned organizational tools for working with a congregation and planning for change.

Dick Gilbert, a Unitarian Universalist minister for over 45 years, retired in 2005.  A Social Justice Coordinator of the St. Lawrence District of the Unitarian Universalist Association, he has taught at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Starr King School, and Meadville Lombard Theological School. Gilbert’s publications include his Building Your Own Theology series; The Prophetic Imperative: Social Gospel in Theory and Practice; How Much Do We Deserve? An Inquiry into Distributive Justice; and In the Holy Quiet of this Hour: A Meditation Manual.

Below are links to the files, followed by the program guide contents.  Give the contents a quick scan, some amazing material.

Walk the Talk Guide by RichardGilbert (PDF)
UUA SJ Evaluation Form (Doc)


2. Table of Contents
3. Workshop Schedule
4. Opening Worship
5. Comprehensive Theological Model – Diagram
6. Theological Model – Purposes and Principles Text
7. Unitarian Universalist Theological Model (ala Building Your Own Theology)
8. Congregational Model – Beloved Community
9. Five Modes of Social Justice Work (diagram)
10 – 11. Five Modes of Social Justice Work Text
12. Systematic Social Change
13 – 16. UUA Congregational Social Justice Evaluation Form
17. Unfinished Sentences Regarding Congregational Social Responsibility
18. Faith and Social Change Model
19. Liberal Religion in the Public Square
20. Justice Model for Unitarian Universalists
21. Social Responsibility Models for the Congregation
22. Social Responsibility Models – text
23. Faith-Based Social Change – Model
24. Rationale for “Interference”
25 – 28. Strategic Planning Process
29. Criteria for Issue Selection
30-31. Social Justice Index
32. FPA’s 10 Tips on How to Lobby Legislators
33. Case Studies for Group Work
34-42. Congregational Decision-Making on Controversial Issues
43. Committees of Correspondence
44-46. Multicultural and Institutional Change Competency
47. The Three Point System – Congregations and the Political Order
48. Eleven Commandments for Social Action
49. Closing Circle

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