What’s the future of Unitarian Universalism?

I can’t wait for our upcoming conference.  I’ve been discussing big questions with the UU Growth Lab for the last two months and now the entire Ballou Channing District is going to have a similar conversation about the future of Unitarian Universalism.   If you’re in Southern New England, I hope you’ll join me at this event.

Some background…

Over the last year the Ballou Channing District has dedicated two conferences to exploring larger cultural, demographic and technological trends impacting religion and congregations in America.  At our  Spring Conference in just under two weeks  (Saturday, April 30th in Sharon, MA) there will be no more talk of  generic trends – we’re going to get serious and engage with the big questions you’ve helped to identify.

Special thanks to the UU Growth Lab and the many UU’s I’m connected to via Twitter for helping to explore these issues in advance of the conference!

Details and Online Registration ||  Share  BIG QUESTIONS via this form

Register Now for BCD Spring Conference

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