UUs in Second Life

Tonight I attended the Thursday night service (6:30pm Pacific) at the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Second Life.  Very cool.  You should tour the UUTopia region…  You can download the Second Life viewer program for free here. Once you have Second Life installed, you can teleport directly to the UUtopia Sanctuary via this link.

4 thoughts on “UUs in Second Life

  1. That is only a moderately helpful blog post. What did you think? How does this work with the larger UU community (or does it)? What was attendance like? I’ve heard it is more diverse than our congregations; is that true? The questions are pouring out. How about some observations & thoughts?

    1. Not helpful??! True, true – just a quick post before going to bed. 😉

      I’m going to wait until I have time to explore the Unitarian Universalist Second Life region – UUtopia – a bit and go to another service before I share thoughts.

      Attendance: There were 22 plus the speaker. [updated 4/22]

      Tour: I think it would be fun to work with the leaders of the congregation to hold an open house with a walking tour UUTopia.

  2. I’m one of the leaders at FUUCSL (aka Etaoin Barcelona) and the past few weeks we’ve been up around 20 persons on Thursdays. SL has been reworking how new avatars come into the system and we’ve been added to the Destination Guide which has spiked the number of people visiting us. There is a lot of discussion about what we are trying to do in SL–we’ve gotten a few (dozens?) of people to get to Real Life UU congregations. More than one regular attendee considers this their church. We also try to influence the outside world as we can: FUUCSL has $1000 in KIVA loans outstanding (all money taken in from our virtual collection basket) and we raised about $300 and sent it to Tennessee Valley when they had their crisis.

    One item in “UUtopia” is a wall with some of our Real Life congregations–touch the picture and you’ll get an information card and an invitation to visit the congregation’s website. I look forward to showing Zen (and anyone else) around. There is usually a few people hanging out at UUtopia every evening USA time. And weekend nights we’re many times at the (virtual) drum circle.

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