Introducing the UU Growth Lab

7 thoughts on “Introducing the UU Growth Lab

  1. I am a UU enrolled in the Master of Divinity program at Seattle University, in the the School of Theology and Ministry. I am currently most passionate about serving as a chaplain/pastoral care companion to incarcerated youth. I am also interested in the “institution” of UUism and how we are evolving in the 21st century. I often feel critical of us and would rather move to a more positive, how can we change, respond, support others mode. It seem like a safe space would be a good lace to have positive, yet constructive conversations. Thank you.

  2. Membership Chair/Coordinator at First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church. I am interested helping my congregation do a better job of turning first time visitors into fully engaged members of our church, and in retaining member engagement over the years as we grow in and live out our faith. I am interested in growth, to better attract and serve the people who need us, but don’t know we exist, and to make a bigger impact on creating a more just world. I am interested in helping our congregation improve the quality, reach and impact of our marketing.

  3. This is interesting in theory and seems needed. Here’s a query, though, in regard to those such as ministers, RE or other professionals who may in the future be seeking positions in UU congregations: Given our small size, it seems not unreasonable that someone within this group could be, at some point, on a search committee or in a hiring position. Would we all feel comfortable sharing opinions (some of which might be deemed “heresy” in our rather like-minded UU world) that might later haunt us? Free-wheeling, challenging discussion is great in a dorm room or class room, but I’ve said provocative things in service of a debate for which I wouldn’t necessarily go to the barricades at a congregational meeting. Would we say the same things just as boldly to a hiring committee as we would in a discussion group?

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