WANTED: Ancient Church Seeking Comeback Stories

Friends,  one of the congregations I am working with was established a long long time ago, like the time of the dinosaurs.    Amazing people, great building, important history.  However, they are perceived as being focused on the history.  Makes sense. Hard not to be seen that way when the building keeps it front and center.

Speaking on the phone, their minister and I wondered what congregations have “comeback” turning their history and ancient building into strengths, re-framed the past to reinforce the present, and seen amazing results?

Do you know of any such stories?   I have colleagues giving me some names, but I think it’s a good practice for us to use social media to involve more congregations and more leaders in these conversations.

If you have stories, please share the name and URL of the congregation in the comments of this post or email me the information.

3 thoughts on “WANTED: Ancient Church Seeking Comeback Stories

  1. This isn’t about history per se – but this is a great example of an attention-grabbing church restart “1 Year 2 Live”… http://1year2live.com/

    “A race against the clock to re-birth a church and restore hope to the community”

    I can’t remember how I came across this a while back – maybe you posted about it! So my apologies if I’m just quoting back to you. 🙂

  2. Interested in the lack of responses to this post. Does it mean that none of our “dinosaur” congregations have been able to make a comeback? Or no congregation is willing to self-identify as a “dinosaur?”

    One wonders . . .

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