Florida District UUMA & LREDA Gathering, April 6-8, 2011

Unitarian Universalism 2020:
Technology, Social Media and the
Future Ministry of  UU Faith Formation


I’m excited to announce that I will be leading the core program at joint UUMA & LREDA gathering of the Florida District of the UUA this April.   This is one of a growing number of presentations I am leading with a “Unitarian Universalism 2020” theme. See calendar.

Florida District UUMA & LREDA Gathering
April 6-8, 2011 at First Unitarian, Orlando
District assembly being held over the weekend.
I am leading programing on the Thursday, April 7.

Titled Unitarian Universalism 2020: Technology, Social Media and the Future Ministry of  UU Faith Formation, this is a conference about hope, opportunity and unleashing our potential.

Today we are challenged with ministering in a world that is evolving at lighting speed.  Keeping up is hard enough, let alone looking to the future.   But look to the future we must!

Together we’ll be exploring the opportunities and challenges faced by changes in how we communicate, make decisions and learn.  With a special focus on technology and social media, we will look at case studies, envision the future of Unitarian Universalist ministry over the coming decade, and identify potential next steps for our individual congregations, and larger collaborations.

Join us!
If you’re a member of the UUMA or LREDA in the Florida District, I hope you’ll join us. Registration will be opening shortly.   I’ll share the registration link and flier for this event as soon as they are posted online.

Book me (Email me)
If you’re not in Florida,  this is a great time to invite me to lead a program for your chapter.  I’m leading similarly themed for some LREDA chapters in March, at the Ballou Channing District Spring Conference, and at the Star Island RE Week.

Connect with the UU Growth Blog’s Facebook page for discussion and resource exchange.

If you’re on Twitter, tag tweets with #uu2020 to discuss the future of our faith with me. You can follow me @uuplanet.


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