Unitarian Universalism 2020

I’m going to be the keynote speaker at a couple of district UUMA / LREDA events this Spring.  I’ll be announcing those details as soon as the local chapters send out their PR.   Looking forward to sharing those details with you.

I am also set to be one of the workshop leaders at this Summer’s Star Island Lifespan RE week which is looking amazing.  For all of these events I will be presenting/facilitating programs looking at the future of Unitarian Universalism in the context of changing trends and demographics in America with a particular focus on technology and social media.  I’ve been referring to these as “Unitarian Universalism 2020“workshops, a name inspired by the Faith Formation 2020 report many districts have been studying.

If we’re going to thrive over the next decade, we need to be proactive in positioning ourselves to meet the challenges/opportunities of a rapidly changing world.  Fun to have the chance to speak on this with lay and professional leaders.

What’s that?  How can you book me to offer the same of your district, cluster, region or Sunday service?  Just email me.

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