New Digital Download: Building Small Group Ministries that Work

My audio presentation Building Small Group Ministries that Work is now available for purchase as a digital download.

Designed for Unitarian Universalist and other liberal religious congregations, this four-part audio presentation shares my approach to this ministry, what I call the “Holistic Integrated Small Group Ministry” model.

There are lots of ways of working with groups out there.  After researching and consulting with congregations on small group ministry for a decade, this is I think you need to be aiming for if you want to develop healthy, growing and outward reaching congregations.

Four MP3  files –  3 hours and 20 minutes
Presentation Slides/Notes in PDF and DOC format
Read More / Purchase


“Peter brings to his work a powerful combination of experience, commitment, and enthusiasm for Small Group Ministry.” – The Rev. Bob Hill, author of The Complete Guide to Small Group Ministry

“One of the earliest to grasp the potential of Small Group Ministry, Peter quickly developed effective techniques for its development and spread…   He is one of our foremost teachers and promoters in helping churches to develop and maintain small groups.” – Rev. Glenn H. Turner

“Peter understands the potential that Small Group Ministry holds for congregations, he understands how it works, and his enthusiasm for congregations and SGM is infectious!” – Calvin Dame

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