Making church videos from stills, a great alternative to videography

Shared by Ellen Snoeyenbos, the following video for First Parish in Kingston, MA is a great example of making a church video using still images.  Below the video is Ellen’s description of what they wanted to accomplish.  Thanks for sharing!

Choosing to use images set to music seems to be a way to provide both the seeker and the congregant a meaningful experience that is stripped of the sometimes awkwardness of a homemade video. Unless you are a very good video editor, you can feel trapped by the real time nature of video. One can choose music (attaining permissions from the publisher of course, which, in the case of Jason Shelton and his publisher took a mere couple of days) and link the photos rhythmically to the music. This allows you to pick particularly important moments in your church life to highlight. In this case, we were simply interested to giving the seeker a sense of an average Sunday – not a special occasion. I would encourage churches to use their own choirs or individual members to provide the music, as long as it was of the highest quality.

— Ellen Snoeyenbos

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