UUA Video: Opening the Doors to Diversity

Happy New Year everyone!   First UU Growth Blog post of the year shares the UUA’s new “A Religion for Our Time” video featuring First Parish in Cambridge, MA.  Amy and I  live in the area and were delighted to participate in the installation of our friend, the Rev. Lilia Cuervo, as well as film some of this exciting event.  ~Peter


Opening the Doors to Diversity is the latest video in the UUA’s Religion for Our Time video series.

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I invite you to share your learning and ideas from watching this video in comment section below.

First Parish in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has begun the process of transforming into a multiracial and multicultural congregation. For years, the congregation talked about becoming more diverse, especially as their surrounding neighborhood became home to more and more immigrants. After learning about the Diversity of Ministry Team (DOMT) Initiative of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), First Parish turned talk into action, and made a commitment to participating in the DOMT Initiative. With support from the UUA, the congregation has engaged in an intentional process of education and conversation about multiculturalism, established a Transformation Team, and called Rev. Lilia Cuervo as the congregation’s first settled Latina minister.

“The most difficult part is the preconceptions, the prejudices that people have…” explains Cuervo. “We try to open to other cultures, to appreciate other cultures. Not to ‘tolerate,’ but to really understand, get to love, and get to embrace other cultures.”

2 thoughts on “UUA Video: Opening the Doors to Diversity

  1. Thanks Peter! The wonderful Rev Lilia served as intern at my first UU congregation, UUC Ohio Valley. It was a delight to see her again!

  2. How wonderful to see what 1st Parish, Cambridge is doing and how wonderful also to see what Rev. Lilia Cuervo is doing – I send greetings from Ohio Valley UU Congregation in Bellaire Ohio. I would like to be included in the conversation about the development of these ideas.

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