Seeking feedback on “Hybrid Meeting” for GA 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina

The following is a question from Eva Marx, a member of the UUA Board of Trustees.  Eva and others are looking for feedback on off-site GA participation. Comment below and I will share your feedback with her.   ~ Peter

Happy Holidays everyone!

As plans move ahead for a larger-scale demonstration of the potential for off-site participation in GA, a team is creating what is being called a “Hybrid Meeting” for GA 2011 in Charlotte. Delegates who are unable to attend GA will be able to participate in the business of GA from their own congregations. A number of people have told us how excited they are about this opportunity. We would like to know what a larger sampling thinks about the concept, and what better group to ask than our congregation leaders who read the UU Growth Blog.

What is your take on this chance to involve more congregations in our governance process? What do you think is the level of interest in your local congregations regarding participating in GA governance events in this hybrid way? We look forward to hearing your opinions.

Eva Marx
First Parish, Hingham, Massachusetts


3 thoughts on “Seeking feedback on “Hybrid Meeting” for GA 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. Our congregation is excited about the prospect. This action acted as a catalyst for us rethinking the way we select delegates and participate in GA. I expect it will lead to more serious participation from our congregation.

  2. There is a little group of UU’s hanging out in “Second Life” (a virtual environment) and there was an experiment to watch the streaming video from GA last year. There are a few UUs from remote locations that couldn’t make GA and were trying to make a go of it, but the effort was started a little late. But it was the start of something that maybe people can get working (someone is putting a lttlle effort in it right now.) If you end up in Second Life, search for “UUtopia”–services every Thursday night at 6:30pm PST/9:30pm EST.

    It’s a little more interactive than just a conference-call while everyone watches the stream. And there is a way for people to split off and caucus apart from the group.

    1. Thanks for writing, Eric. I have to visit our SL congregation sometime. I’ve seen videos and screen shots and walked around at odd times, but never attended a service.

      Last two years I participated in GA remotely with Twitter serving as a primary point of connection. It would be interesting to have delegates register a Twitter username and be able to participate via Tweet as well.

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