Facebook crushing Google

WordPress, which powers the UU Growth Blog, just cleaned up how it presents stats of referring sites making it easier to see trends. Here’s a quick screen shot of top referrers for the last year.

The http://www.uupdates.net website is the top, people obviously browse that site and notice my posts.   That’s mainly UUs browsing to see what other UUs are talking about.

What’s interesting to me is a comparison of Facebook versus Google.  Look at the numbers.

Over the last year people have found the site via Google Search 291 times compared to 2,473 via Facebook.  The trends here and elsewhere are clear.   People are finding content increasingly via their friends and social networking referral over cold searches.

If your congregation isn’t on Facebook,  contact me if you’d like some assistance.  I work independently with congregations on these sorts of issues offering a combination of orientation, strategic planning and practical training. A little social media coaching can go a long way…

2 thoughts on “Facebook crushing Google

  1. *We are not going to win the war on Internet Freedom with Facebook on our backs.* Eben Moglen–Freedom In the Cloud–(softwarefreedom dot org)

    Yet Zuckerberg has contributed to Diaspora. Go figure.

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