UU World / new column on buildings and anniversaries


Friends, the UU World is beginning a new column on congregational building projects, ranging from new buildings to renovations and expansions. They ‘d  also like to know about significant observations of congregational anniversaries. Please send information about these to Jane Greer, Senior Editor, UU World.  Full contact info here.

Just for fun…
Below are a couple of photos from my favorite building project.  Years ago we took down the RE wing of my home congregation, the First Unitarian Church of Providence, and built a three story addition filling the remaining footprint, complete with elevator, accessible restrooms on the upper two classroom floors, and sinks in the classrooms. The exposed wall in the lower photo is the wall you can now see on the inside of the Parish House atrium.  I was chair of the RE committee when this started and ended up on the space needs and building design team, about eight years from start to completion.  If for nothing else, may I be remembered for fighting for toilets and sinks for the children…. ~ Peter

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