Congregations Countering Consumer Culture

A number of congregations have been meeting the holiday consumer culture with some exciting campaigns.   The first I heard about was “Celebrate What You Have Day” at Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church, but others are coming in. I’ll update this post as I learn about similar initiatives.

What is your congregation doing this holiday season?  We’d love to hear about your plans.

“Celebrate What You Have Day”
Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church
Related article: Church uses big shopping day to teach parishioners to celebrate what they have.

Church Friday”
Members of the First Unitarian Church in Rochester celebrate Black Friday by gathering at their church, not at the mall.
Watch “Church Friday” video on Vimeo.

Read Comments below for reader responses like CUUB’s Care & Share Fair.

2 thoughts on “Congregations Countering Consumer Culture

  1. I LOVE this idea!!! Thank you for the post!

    My church, Community UUs in Brighton, Michigan, sponsors an alternative gift fair the first Sunday in December. It’s called the Care & Share Fair and this year will be our fourth one. Shoppers can make donations to various local, national and international nonprofits in the name of loved ones or can purchase fair trade gifts. Our vendors include Heifer International, Sierra Club, Ten Thousand Villages, and Bead for Life. It’s a fun and more ethical alternative for those of us who still enjoy exchanging gifts with loved ones, but who prefer to support good causes over corporate culture.

    We are also teaming up with our local library on 12/2 to show the documentary “Affluenza” and host a discussion regarding materialism and consumer culture in American society today.

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