UUA Video: “Connect, Respect, Protect”

Watch video “Connect, Respect, Protect,” #11 in the UUA’s “A Religion for Our Time” series.  Read more about the series.


Episode Eleven, “Connect, Respect, Protect,” features the outdoor education program for 9-12-year-olds at Jefferson Unitarian Church (JUC) in Golden, Colorado.How do you keep pre-teens interested in going to church? Parents at JUC came up with an idea that puts enthusiastic young people right in the middle of the 7th principle. With the motto of “Connect, Respect, Protect,” the Nature’s Keepers religious education program helps participants engage with and learn about the great outdoors.

According to Nature’s Keepers Co-Founder Kristi Reeves, “There’s no curriculum except ‘nature happens.'” She adds, “One of the things we learned was that it was not so much about figuring out a big, fancy activity. It was just getting out in the interconnected web of which we are all a part.”

Watch Episode Eleven: Connect, Respect, Protect
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4 thoughts on “UUA Video: “Connect, Respect, Protect”

  1. The program looks great. The video, however, was pretty dismal. Not catching, not inspiring. Not exciting. Not even in the same game (far less league) with UCC stuff I’ve seen.

    Too long–at least for this material. I like Peter Morales, and the intro fails me. The video should be able to launch into the material and be beautiful, attractive, interesting… and then have him (or someone) sliced into it to narrate a bit and explain. The eager, heavy logo branding at the beginning doesn’t do much either. And, oh dear god, the poorly lit conversation about the uniform and that a materials fee was charged for it made me want to weep before poking my eyes out. WHY was that not left on the virtual cutting room floor? WHO thought that was interesting, or inspiring, or… useful in any manner?

    1. Good points. Though I will say that the videos in this series are not bad *given* that it is often volunteers being asked to film with little training and simple consumer grade gear. At least that’s what I understand to be the case. With video you usually get what you pay for. A very hearty thank you to the volunteers who are providing footage for this video series.

      1. Hi Peter–You’re correct that volunteers who created the “Connect……” video should be appreciated.

        However, if ogre raised “good points,” and the points strongly point to the video not being effective unless it’s changed, I hope appreciation will be combined with changing or re-doing the video to make it effective.

        In the Golden CO DVD “Ideas For Growth,” Peter Morales says there’s no substitute for quality, and this great idea deserves to be matched with a very effective, high quality video.

      2. I think you are 100% correct. Thanking and being nice to volunteers is not sufficient cause to lower out standards. I hope you’ll share tour thoughts with the UUA. Note I’m an independent agent, not UUA staff.

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