Watch Video – UUA 2010 Congregation Linkage Survey

In the following video Linda Laskowski, Trustee from the Pacific Central District and convenor of the UUA Board’s Linkage Working Group of the UUA Board, presents a summary of the report presented to the Board about findings from a recent survey of congregations.

What’s “linkage” you ask?  I thought you’d never ask!

A rough explanation would be that for the UUA Board to govern it must maintain meaningful connections, or Linkage, with the sources of its authority.  These these sources and the full charge to the UUA Board’s Linkage Working Group are listed below.    I share this as a number of people have expressed via recent comments on this blog, and to me in person, that they feel the UUA Board is out of touch with our congregations.  Whether this is true or not, they are with out a doubt actively working on improving their linkage with you….

Charge to the Linkage Working Group
(read on

The Board of Trustees governs on behalf of and is accountable to our Sources of Authority and Accountability (“Sources”), which we have defined as:

  1. Our member congregations
  2. Current and future generations of Unitarian Universalists
  3. The heritage, traditions, and ideals of Unitarian Universalism
  4. The vision of Beloved Community
  5. The Spirit of life, love, and the holy

To govern accountably on their behalf, the Board must maintain meaningful connections, or Linkage, with these Sources, including constructive dialogues concerning the Sources’ values and the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA) Ends. The focus of linkage is not “telling” or “reporting” but rather “listening” to the Sources’ perspectives regarding their needs and what benefits the UUA should produce. Completion of the linkage loop requires us to let the Sources know what has been achieved on their behalf, i.e., to be accountable.
The Board’s Linkage Working Group therefore is charged to create and maintain a system that insures the UUA’s Ends reflect the Sources’ values and desired outcomes. The system must include

  1. representational linkage with our Sources, including methodology for linking with each Source;
  2. the necessary training and tools to Trustees to enable them to achieve meaningful linkage with our Sources;
  3. Analysis of feedback from the linkage work with recommendations for appropriate follow-up action; and
  4. Board accountability for achieving meaningful linkage and acting on the results.

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