Video Example: UU Principles in Action in Bellingham, WA

Watch more on UU TV

The Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship (Bellingham, WA) has produced two new videos, one an invitation to their congregation, the other discussing putting UU Principles into action.

I wanted to uphold these videos because I think short interviews talking candidly about our congregations and sharing our stories are very effective.  If you watch them you’ll notice in parts they have people sitting at tables with microphones, kind of like a panel discussion.  You don’t have to go crazy with a complex production. Instead, focus on capturing compelling stories.

Anyone with a Flip video camera or better and make a video of person telling a story.  You should try it.  Film one story at a time and upload it to your Youtube channel.  Simple!  Collect the stories and later you can make a snazzy jazzy edited video if you want.  I don’t think you need to.  I’ll bet a Youtube channel full of individual testimonials and stories will out perform any other media you produce.

Try this.  Buy a Flip video camera for your congregation and let people know you want stories, testimonials and answers to common questions – UU FAQs.  Let people  check the camera out of your office for use on site when you have services.  You might encourage people to come in early and film a quick video before the service.   Keep it simple.

Watch more videos from UU congregations on UU TV.

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