Who wants UU TV? Come and get it!

Friends,  the UU Video site I have been experimenting since March of 2008 has just moved to a brand new address.  I hope you’ll check it out!

UU TV is now online at http://www.unitarianuniversalism.tv/

UU TV  now features over 1350 videos for and by Unitarian Universalists and friends.

Fans of the beta site report using it to show friends about our faith — you can browse the site and know that only 100% UU content will be found.  No worry of finding endless videos of rock bands playing in our Phili congregation, though they do rock….

UU TV includes playlists featuring videos from the UUA, UUSC, Beacon Press, About Unitarian Universalism, Congregation Spotlights, Sermons and Worship, and more.

UU Webmasters can add  UU TV widgets and players to their sites featuring videos “New on UU TV” as well as UUA videos, Beacon Press videos and so on.  You can even customize your own widget to display any playlist with custom colors, widget title and other settings.

Below are screen shots of two players, NEW on UU TV  and the UUA VIDEO player featuring videos from the UUA’s video channel.  You may try them out and grab embed code  here.

UU TV player featuring  videos from the UUA

UU TV -- Videos from the UUA

UU TV player featuring  Newest Videos

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