Proposing a Program for the 2011 General Assembly

The following announcement has been posted at the request of the UUA’s General Assembly office.  Always good to highlight GA program proposal deadlines! ~ Peter

New this year, there is a unified process to propose a program for the 2011 General Assembly.  GA program proposals may be submitted by way of an online proposal form at Over 100 program proposals will be selected by the GA Program Development Group (PDG), a diverse team of UUA staff and GA Planning Committee members committed to provide excellent General Assembly programs aligned with the vision and mission of the UUA and its member congregation.

All proposals must be received by November 1, 2010.

For 50 years, Unitarians and Universalists have been forging a new identity and laboring to create justice, broaden loves reach, and assert the freedoms of mind and spirit. And we have learned much along the way. For GA 2011 we are calling for programs that combine lessons from our past with the best ways we know to meet our current and future challenges. Our past clearly tells us that UU Congregations “break through” when mission motivates an end to the status quo of complacency. Program slots will be awarded to those with a powerful and clear message to share.

The criteria we will use to make programming selections include:

  • Variety and balance in programming (in topic, format, and core audience)
  • Usefulness to our congregations (of a particular size or all sizes)
  • Grounding in one or more of the following mission areas, and in UU theology, history and values

Growing Deep While Growing Up: At age 50 years, our religious movement is “coming of age!” Like people, maturing congregations seek to know and satisfy their purpose. They manage their health. They deepen their spirits as they “convert life into truth” (Emerson). Out of deep spirits rise hope and hospitality, gratitude and generosity, covenant and accountability. How do “grown-up” congregations of any age deepen their spirit and structure their business to create beloved community?

Ministering Beyond Our Boundaries: The American Experiment is at risk of being overwhelmed by fear and factionalism. Counter to this divisiveness, Unitarian Universalism strives for covenanted communities that are multicultural, multiracial and multigenerational. Our faith is urgently calling us to give up the familiar and risk “doing church” in new and sometimes startling ways to spread our good news. How do we do this and who are our partners as we minister to all people, including those missing from our pews?

Building Justice from Love: Justice-making is more than asserting right over wrong. Protests and letter-writing campaigns are short cuts that are no longer sufficient. Authentic justice-making is the courageous work of changing the hearts of others without  losing the love, compassion and humility in our own hearts. This is big work we can hardly do alone. What compels us into the public square, how do we partner with others we meet there, and how do we stay connected to love along the way?

  • Incorporation of AR/AO/MC awareness and practice
  • Multigenerational relevance
  • Excellence in presentation, fostering engaged participation
  • Depth, inspiration and prophetic vision

Contact for more information.

UUA General Assembly   ● ●   (617) 948-4208

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