Alice the Chalice – UU Kids Coloring Pages

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Have you met Alice the Chalice? Alice the Chalice is character Amy and I developed in 2004.  Though we haven’t had time (or funds yet) to develop the Alice the Chalice video series we’ve been dreaming of, a while back I made several coloring pages/activity sheets.  There are a couple of mazes and a page for coloring in Alice and her flame. Alice the Chalice has been available primarily to those clever UUs who think to do a search for UU Coloring Pages which pulls up the ATC website.

Since I am investing some time and money into developing related resources Alice the Chalice is copyrighted —  (C) 2004-2010 Peter Bowden.  I’ve invited anyone interested in producing Alice the Chalice related projects to just ask first.

I’ve heard of religious educators making Alice the Chalice felt boards, using Alice clipart for newsletters,  decorating bulleting boards and even of a a family holding an Alice the Chalice themed birthday party — I’m serious!

Today I was asked if I’d support one of those projects where a paper cut out is made to travel around the world.  I’ll share details on that project as they become available. Fun thinking of Alice the Chalice traveling around the world.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share the existing coloring pages with you and see if you have ideas for related resources.   I think it would be fun to make some simple ATC videos which could be posted to Youtube as well as made available for download.  We’re in resource brainstorm mode so please share your ideas.

I'm a Unitarian Universalist

We’re all working on being GREEN. On these activity pages kids can Alice the Chalice find the way to the recycle bin.

COLORING PAGE: Color in “Alice the Chalice” and draw her a flame!

Coloring page Large- PDF FILE
Coloring page Half Sheet- PDF FILE
Coloring page – JPEG / Graphic Only

One thought on “Alice the Chalice – UU Kids Coloring Pages

  1. I create coloring pages for all our all ages worship services. I would love to have Alice the Chalice maze, word search, coloring pages for worship services like Water Communion, Flower Communion, Association Sunday. Maybe Alice could even team up with UUSC for the Guest at Your Table project!

    I love the idea of videos and maybe even game apps for Droid or iPhone – or even an Alice the Chalice game that we could embed in our faith development/religious education web pages.

    I was just introducing Alice the Chalice to another faith development colleague.


    Margaret Sequeira
    Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists

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