UU Welcoming, Hospitality and Membership Resources

https://i2.wp.com/evbdn.eventbrite.com/s3-s3/eventlogos/3414525/778842539.jpgThis week we  held the the webinar From Visitor to Member through the UU Growth Webinar Series I am coordinating with the Ballou Channing District.  The following are links to resources discussed during the presentation, including collections of resources highlighted.  Special thanks to the leadership of the Membership Professionals group. They’ve done a fabulous job collecting resources we can all benefit from.

Participants of the webinar have been emailed a link to this page, a survey and presentation outline.  I am not sharing that outline here as I am updating the webinar with new content based on participant feedback and will be recording it for online archiving.  Subscribe to this blog’s RSS FEED or to my e-newsletter to be notified when the presentation is online.

Have ideas for webinars you’d like offered through our series?  Comment on this page or contact me.

Membership & Growth Case Studies

UUA Membership Email Discussion Lists

  • Memb-l Discussion of UU membership and growth issues
  • Memb-Pros Discussion for paid membership professionals in UU congregations
  • Directory of UUA Email Discussion Lists

Book Recommendations

There a vast number of books that influence my approach on hospitality, membership, outreach and growth.   For membership volunteers and professionals I would highly recommend the book Fusion: Turning First-Time Guests into Fully-Engaged Members of Your Church. It focuses in great detail on improving visitors pre-service experience and discusses what guests need from a congregation in order to come back and become a member.  It is a very quick, accessible and worth-while read.

Popular Survey Tools

UUA Resource Pages

Membership Professionals Resource Page

There are many great resources on the Member Professional’s resource page.  If you work with membership you will appreciate that they have many links to full samples from various congregations.  The following are the categories of resources listed. 

  • Orientation Samples
  • Position Descriptions
  • Recommended Books
  • Sample Visitor Questionnaire
  • Welcomer/Greeter Training
  • Integrating New Members
  • Committee Information
  • Job/Position Descriptions
  • Online Workshops/Podcasts
  • Membership related sermons
  • Small Group Ministry
  • other misc. resources
    Go to resource page

I was particular excited to find this list of online workshops/webinars. Some are presented with audio and visuals using Slideshare, others are video.

  • Welcoming and Integrating New Members by Justin Schroeder
  • Getting ready for fall
  • Volunteer Management and Recruitment
  • Using Social Media to Fuel Congregational Mission
  • Exploring the Gifts Among Us
  • Hospitality 202
  • What Happens When We Grow?
  • Websites Webinar
  • Marketing Ideas to Help Your Congregation Grow
  • Introduction to Social Media and Public Relations
  • Advanced Social Media
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