Facebook, Twitter, Linked in becoming “Universal” social networks

Facebook logo
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In my consulting & training work I’ve been recommending that congregations focus their social media efforts on

  1. An AMAZING primary website with an RSS Feed
  2. with content from the blog feeding Facebook
  3. and Twitter.

My rationale for focusing on Facebook and Twitter, they have become the standards (along with LinkedIn for professional networking).

Here’s an article with a quick summary of the ranking of social networks for marketers. 

While this article is focused on corporate marketing,  we should take note when it says  “within 12 months, usage of all three of these social networks will be near or at 100% in corporate marketing strategies.”

Why is the use of social media approaching 100% by corporations?  Because it is necessary if they want to engage with people online.  Corporations know they need to use social media if they want to listen, empower, inspire and of course influence.

If you’re website isn’t updated or on its way to being updated to 21st century standards, and if you aren’t having a conversation about social media and its role in your ministry,  something is wrong.   There could be many reasons for your lack of movement into the 21st century, but the fact that you’re rapidly losing relevance is crystal clear.   Snip snap!  This isn’t an extra thing you need to do in addition to your ministry, communicating is part of it.  It is it…

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