Association Sunday worship and organizing resources – Guest Post

Friends, The following is a guest post from the Rev. Dr. Stephan Papa, Special Assistant to the President for Growth Funding.  I hope you’ll take a moment to share this resource announcement with your congregation’s leadership.
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with a link to this post. Just add the recipients. As a growth consultant funded in part by a district grant from a previous Association Sunday, thank you for your  support!  ~ Peter

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Dear Colleagues,

We have something to celebrate: the 50th Anniversary of our faith in one another! The Unitarians and the Universalists consolidated their efforts 50 years ago. They were motivated not just out of an instinct for survival but because they knew that working together they would be better able to pursue their common vision.

We have something to celebrate: over these 50 years we have blended our theological and sociological strengths to develop a faith for the future, a faith that can speak spiritually to more people and more effectively empower us to create a just, equitable, and peaceful world.

We hope that the worship and organizing resources we have put together will assist you in putting together a fulfilling and effective Association Sunday service. They include a poster, newsletter pieces, logistical information, many historical and future-oriented readings, and other elements for your service. Funds this year will be used for the 50th Celebration and for the Leap of Faith growth action plan, which will establish mentoring relationships among congregations.

If you haven’t already registered for Association Sunday, sign up today and join nearly 500 congregations currently planning to hold a special 50th Anniversary celebration service! We have something to celebrate: We are coming together to grow our faith into the future! Please be generous to this faith, which has sustained us these many years and inspire your congregations to do so as well.

In faith,
Rev. Dr. Stephan Papa
Special Assistant to the President for Growth Funding

Association Sunday 2010 Resources

Resources for a successful Association Sunday are now available electronically and include the following:

Visit the Association Sunday website for more information and support.

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