Crowdsourcing Unitarian Universalism? Learning from Dan 3.0

Dan 3.0

Imagine turning control of your life over to your friends, followers and viewers…

This is exactly what twenty year old video blogger Dan Brown is doing! Using a video blogging platform, Brown is going to let viewers of his new show, Dan 3.0, take charge of his life.

With just cause Brown reports being excited and a little scared as his viewers will guide his adventures for the next year.

Go fly a Kite!
Invest in Google!
Buy a Kitten!
Visit a Unitarian Universalist congregation?

UUA 3.0?

After reading the article describing this project I wondered, what would happen if we used crowdsourcing to give our members direct and immediate control of our Unitarian Universalist movement?

As curious as I am to know what we’d learn from the collective wisdom of UUs everywhere, I’ll pass on a UUA 3.0 campaign.  I like having elected and called religious leaders. However this experiment does highlight the growing power and potential of social media, power and potential I’d like to see our movement harness.

We have the ability to be in direct contact with our constituents, to have meaningful conversations, and to get immediate feedback. What can we do with this?

I think we can create smarter, more responsive and nimble religious communities and supporting organizations.  The key is to balance our broadcasting of information with asking questions, listening and learning.

Your Ideas for UU Social Media

Before I share my ideas, I’d love to hear yours.

  • How would you like to see Unitarian Universalist organizations using social media?
  • How can we use these tools to be smarter, more responsive and/or nimble?
  • What can we learn from the Dan 3.0 experiment?

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