Small Talk Newsletter – Multicultural Worship in the Small Congregation

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The new issue of the Small Talk newsletter is now available.  The theme is “Multicultural Worship in the Small Congregation,” and according to the publishers was inspired by a workshop at this year’s General Assembly.

Information via Dana Dwinell-Yardley
Designer, Editor, and Webmistress
Spirit of Life Publishing

If you missed a previous issue, all Small Talk issues are archived online.  Just identify the issue you want from the archive list below (included in each issue) and then visit

Volume 1
Small Congregation? December 2003
Governance Structure January 2004
Numbers (statistics to keep) February 2004
Social Action March 2004
Growth: Part One April 2004
Growth: Part Two May 2004
A Roadmap to Change June 2004

Volume 2
Small is Beautiful Report September 2004
The Small Church of the Future October 2004
Publications: Part One (layout) November 2004
Publications: Part Two (content) December 2004
Conflict January 2005
Creative Worship February 2005
The Annual Canvass March 2005
Small Group Ministry April 2005
Knowing and Telling Our Stories May 2005
Summer Worship—Yes or No? June 2005

Volume 3
Small Congregations Speak Out September 2005
Building a Music Program October 2005
Technology: Help or Hindrance? November 2005
Celebrating December Holidays December 2005
Transformational Congregations January 2006
Committee on Ministry February 2006
Welcoming Congregation Work March 2006
Greening the Small Congregation April 2006
Religious Education for Children May 2006
So You’re Looking for a Minister June 2006

Volume 4
Greatest Challenges #1: Growth September 2006
Greatest Challenges #2: Burnout October 2006
Greatest Challenges #3: Ministry November 2006
Greatest Challenges #4: Money December 2006
Greatest Challenges #5: Conflict January 2007
The Small Congregation in Transylvania February 2007
Buildings: Pros and Cons March 2007
Capital Campaigns April 2007
Going to Two Worship Services May 2007
Wrapping Up the Church Year June 2007

Volume 5
Integrating Children September 2007
Centering, Connecting, and Creating Change October 2007
Another Look at Social Action November 2007
How to Get the Work Done December 2007
What Should We Do With Our Visitors? January 2008
The Meaning of Membership February 2008
The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Churches March 2008
How to Help Your Building Pay for Itself April 2008
New Orleans: New Life for Small Congregations May 2008
Small Congregations at General Assembly June 2008

Volume 6
The Living Room Church, Part One September 2008
The Living Room Church, Part Two October 2008
The Living Room Church, Part Three November 2008
Anti-Racism Work in the Small Congregation December 2008
Sharing Staff in the Small Congregation January 2009
How to Run a Meeting February 2009
Peter Morales for UUA President March 2009
The Care and Feeding of Your Part-Time Minister April 2009
The World of the British Unitarians May 2009
Some Good Ideas from the British Unitarians June 2009

Volume 7
The Financial Crisis and Your Congregation January 2010
Climate Change and the Small Congregation February 2010
Advice for Leaders March 2010
Advice for Followers April 2010
A Little Goes a Long Way (social justice) May 2010
Multicultural Worship in the Small Congregation June 2010

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