Online “Dynamic Youth Ministry” course for UU leaders & Seminarians

Starr King School for the Ministry is offering an exciting new online course on Youth Ministry.  This online course is being led by two  UU youth and young adult ministry all stars!  I’m glad to see Starr King offer this course given our association’s needs to prioritize, invest in and revolutionize our  youth ministry. Thanks SKSM!

New Online Course for Religious Professionals, Seminarians and Lay Leaders:

In Fall 2010, Starr King School for the Ministry will be offering a full-semester, online course on “Dynamic Youth Ministry”. This lively and interactive course will feature guest presenters from within and beyond Unitarian Universalism, peer interaction / support, one-on-one consultation with instructors, print and video learning resources, a praxis (action/reflection) component, and more. Contact instructors Megan Dowdell ( or Betty-Jeanne Rueters-Ward  ( for course syllabus or to register. You can also receive latest updates via our Facebook group, “Dynamic Youth Ministry”.

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Dynamic Youth Ministry Geared toward Unitarian Universalists

An online course that is:

  • Recommended for all religious leaders, both new and old to youth ministry
  • Lively and interactive
  • Grounds students in theological, ethical and programmatic aspects of youth ministry
  • Geared toward Unitarian Universalists but open to all
  • Embodies a youth ministry that is a vibrant, robust and flexible part of every congregation

Learn about:

  • Youth leadership and spiritual development
  • Professional support for youth advisors
  • Adolescent life issues
  • Multi-generational community building
  • Various models of youth programming

Course structure will include interviews with special guest clergy, religious educators, youth advisors and youth, group work and a practice component. Begins September 7 2010. To register for EDFT-8462, email instructors Megan Dowdell ( or Betty-Jeanne Rueters-Ward (


Megan Dowdell is a Unitarian Universalist lay leader, graduate of Starr King, and current PhD candidate at the Graduate Theological Union. She served as the first Youth Trustee-at-Large on the UUA Board of Trustees and co-convened the Association’s Consultation on Youth Ministry with Rev. Dr. Bill Sinkford.

Betty Jeanne Rueters-Ward is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and full-time Youth and Young Adult Program Coordinator at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Shelter Rock. She is a graduate of the newly-established Master of Arts in Religious Leadership for Social Change at Starr King. As a Youth Programs Specialist for the Unitarian Universalist Association, Betty Jeanne coordinated continental conferences, trainings and social justice initiatives. She has also served as a youth advisor at the First Unitarian Church of Oakland.

Megan and Betty Jeanne bring over two decades of experience in youth ministry. Individually and as a team, they have consulted with Unitarian Universalist congregations and districts on multigenerational community building and youth ministry. They have taught Dynamic Youth Ministry at Starr King and for religious educators at The Mountain Retreat Center, thanks to a generous grant from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, Ga. Betty Jeanne and Megan are available for consulting and teaching in youth ministry and multigenerational community building for congregational, camp, conference, district, and national organizations.

3 thoughts on “Online “Dynamic Youth Ministry” course for UU leaders & Seminarians

  1. Thanks so much for spreading the word, Peter! We’re very excited as well. We welcome your UU growth, BCD, and other colleagues to either pass along the news, or register for the course. We expect to announce the guest speakers (including several UU denominational leaders) via the Facebook group starting next week.

  2. For someone who has absolutely no knowledge of how Star King online courses work, the price seems kinda steep. I’m just a run of the mill lay guy at my congregation who is also a pretty active youth adviser. Are there, I don’t know, scholarships? Grants?

  3. Kinsi – The prices are pretty representative for a graduate-level course (and, fifteen weeks of study/engagement), but you’re not the first person to raise this important question/concern! Particularly as this course is now open not only to seminarians, but to youth advisors and other congregational leaders, which we’re very grateful for. There are, for example, folks planning to take the course who are working with their congregations, districts, denominations, etc. to split the costs of tuition. I encourage you to try the same! You can also contact Starr King’s interim online educaiton director, Sean Dennison, for information about potential scholarships / grants / tuition reductions, at 510-845-6232.

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