UUA Video: “Multicultural Worship” and related resources

Watch video #7 in the UUA’s “A Religion for Our Time” series.  Read more about the series.

Episode Seven, “Multicultural Worship,” illustrates how worship at All Souls Church, Unitarian, in Washington, DC, is designed to serve a diverse community. Worship planners at All Souls ask themselves every single week, “How will we reflect in worship the experience and traditions of many different cultures?” Honoring the multiculturalism of the congregation and the neighborhood is an intentional process at the heart of All Souls. And it’s a process that can be used in any Unitarian Universalist congregation.


Top UUA resources on Multiculturalism

Multicultural Growth & Witness: A New Staff Group
Coming July 1st, 2010: Multicultural Growth & Witness, a new staff group dedicated to partnering with congregations and leaders to promote intentional multicultural growth and ministry, inclusion, and congregation-based public witness and social action.

Book: The Arc of the Universe Is Long: Unitarian Universalists, Anti-racism, and the Journey from Calgary, L. Takahashi-Morris, J. Roush, and L. Spencer (2009), Boston, MA, Skinner House.

The Arc of the Universe is Long covers the fourteen years that begin with the passage of the racial and cultural diversity resolution at Calgary, in Canada, in 1992 and traces developments through General Assembly 2006. Using interviews and written records, the authors bring to life the voices and stories that represent many perspectives, all addressing issues of race and ethnicity in our congregations and our association.

Video: The Arc of the Universe: the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Anti-Racism Work
In this video from General Assembly 2009 the authors of “The Arc of the Universe” Rev. Leslie Takahashi Morris, Dr. Leon Spencer, and Rev. Chip Roush. share their painful and transforming experience writing and compiling this detailed history of the Unitarian Universalist anti-racism journey. Their voices were augmented by many others during this workshop: Rev. Bill Sinkford, Rev. Jose Ballister, Dr. Finley Campbell, Rev. Josh Pawelek, Rev. Mel Hoover, Rev. Clyde Grubbs, Rev. Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley, Rev. Patricia Jimenez, Rev. Danielle DiBona, Janice Marie Johnson, Rev. Marta I. Valentin, and many others, in a moving mosaic of experiences spanning 17 years since the Calgary resolution in 1992.

Descriptions excerpted from uua.org

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