Rev. Peter Morales preaches at GA on “Our Greatest Challenge”

On the Sunday morning of the UUA’s 2010 General Assembly Conference the Rev. Peter Morales, president of our association , preached on the great challenges and opportunities facing Unitarian Universalism.

Morales cited research indicating that despite our technology — from blogs,Twitter and countless Facebook friends — Americans are socially isolated with most people reporting having hardly any significant friends.

“Social Isolation Growing in U.S., Study Says” – Washington Post

“Americans have a third fewer close friends and confidants than just two decades ago — a sign that people may be living lonelier, more isolated lives than in the past.” – USA Today

“A new survey shows that most people’s circle of confidants is on average about one person smaller now. The percentage of people who say they have no one to confide in has reached about 25%” – CBS News
Watch related video.

Link to video of this service will be available shortly on the GA Streaming Video Page.

Morales shared that a conversation with an organizational expert last year has haunted him as this expert stated that on institutions greatest challenge is to overcome the culture and behaviors grounded in its past successes.

How will the UUA meet the challenge of our day?  How can we build a ministry that will support our fulfilling our potential as a religion in this time?

Stay tuned. I have some specific thoughts to share on this one!

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