Thursday Workshops – What did you learn?

Friends, today was the first big day of workshops at General Assembly. Make sure you take the time to note your learning, insights and ideas from the day before you reach the end of GA and your brain melts down.

If there is anything you’d like to share with us, comment below.

  • Books your heard about
  • Specific Ideas
  • Resources
  • Websites
  • Best practices

If you had an ahah! moment we want to hear about it.

ūüėȬ† Peter

Update: Okay, one UU smartypants all ready noticed that its a chimp brain in the jar.¬† Thanks Chuckles…

Thursday Blog Coverage

Spirituality & Sunflowers
Matt Kinsi’s has started recapping the workshops he attended. Thanks Matt!

See what UU bloggers are saying about General Assembly right now.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Workshops – What did you learn?

  1. I loved the notion that we should work to keep the world “offended” out of conversations in our congregations as that tends to shut communication down. Learned that one from our #uuga tweeters. Thanks!

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