INVITATION: Report on learning from growth workshops at General Assembly #uuga

The UUA’s 2010 General Assembly is upon us!  And having reviewed the program I have to say there is a great line-up of workshops for those of us interested growth.

Online program schedule
One-page Summary Schedule Grid (PDF)
Program Book (PDF)

If you are attending GA I’d like to invite you to help extract every bit of learning from this years’ growth programming.  Working together we can capture and share our collective learning, insights and inspiration.

There will be plenty of official coverage of this conference by the UU World,  but there is a difference between reporting on what happened, and capturing what was learned.

If you are attending a growth workshop, and there are many, consider sharing your thoughts with us.

Let’s keep it simple.

Attend, Take Note, and Share

  1. Attend programming with paper and a pen or tech equivalent.
  2. Note the key learning — specific ideas, examples and points you think are worth sharing.
  3. Come back to the UU Growth Blog here at and share.

I’ll have posts calling for growth learning and insights for each day. Just comment on that day’s post.  Think of it as using this blog as a shared repository for growth notes from General Assembly.  We can then work on making sense of it all.

Guest Posts
A special invitation to colleagues to write guest posts.  If you have something to share from GA that is growth related and is worthy of its own post (versus comment) let me know. You can email me or send a message via Facebook or Twitter.

Note that for quality control puroses I reserve guest posting for people I know –you don’t have to be a minister, just don’t be a stranger.  Though being strange is fine… If we don’t know each other, take a moment to connect nd introduce yourself.

Post GA  Insights
I know that many of you will not have time to share your learning during GA. You may also have more thoughts to share after thinking on things for a few days.  Whenever you are ready, the UU Growth Blog will be here.  Come on over when you’re ready and share.

Instead of attending GA in real life this year I will be participating remotely. We’re in the middle of a move to Boston and will be packing between AND maybe even during plenary sessions.  Nothing like a litte GA while you work. 😉

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