UUA Video: The Theology of Star Wars!

Latest video from the UUA’s “A Religion for Our Time” series.  Read more.

Episode Four, “The Theology of Star Wars!” presents a creative approach to youth programming from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Wilmington (UUWF), North Carolina. What’s a compelling way to engage
teenagers in a deep, yearlong discussion of theology and Unitarian Universalist principles? How about a curriculum designed around the Star Wars movies? It’s working like a charm at UUWF.

2 thoughts on “UUA Video: The Theology of Star Wars!

  1. I am loving this so much. However, I wish this were more “non-UU” friendly. For instance, instead of saying UU, say “Unitarian Universalism” and explain the 7 principles, etc. ? I think this would be a great thing to share with others who aren’t necessarily UU, but they don’t have the information to understand it fully. Just a thought.

    1. Hi Sara. Great point. I think its essential that when we make media we keep in mind who the audience is. And even when we design a video for existing UUs we should keep in mind that every video is a potential outreach tool. Maybe if the series intro had something like “Unitarian Universalism, a religion for our time” it would help.

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