Thanks to Shelby Meyerhoff and the Mass Bay District!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Shelby Meyerhoff and everyone at the Social Media themed Mass Bay District conference yesterday.  Shebly delivered a great keynote.  Besides being great to hear her speak,  Shelby set the stage for me to present case studies and talk about some specific strategies.

Special thanks to the MBD staff for inviting me to participate. 😉

It was also great meeting those of you serving as leaders in Mass Bay congregations.  This summer my family is moving to Boston, MA —  I look forward to working more frequently with you as we will soon be neighbors.

Consulting Services
A number of people asked if I am available for guest speaking, training and direct consultations.  Yes, yes and yes.  Contact me to discuss how we might work together.

Thanks to the web and associated technologies I’m doing an increasing amount of work nationally.  Much can be accomplished via  free video conferencing (Skype), conference calls (Free Conference) and webinars/meetings (GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar, Persony).

District Note: As a professional courtesy it is my practice to inform the district you are in of any work we may be doing together. This is to facilitate collaboration and avoid confusion.

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