Mass Bay District Spring Conference Tomorrow

Friends,  tomorrow is the Mass Bay District Spring Conference.   If you are a reader of the UU Growth Blog and are attending, please make sure to introduce yourself.  Its always nice to put faces with names.   We had a great Ballou Channing District conference last week.  Fun to hop from that to this the following Saturday, especially given that we’re moving to Boston, MA this Summer.    I believe that presentations from the conference tomorrow – Shelby’s and mine – are being video taped with the intent to share.   Best, Peter

Using Social Media to Fuel Congregational Mission
The Mass Bay District Spring Conference

Location: First Parish Church of Weston
Saturday, May 1, 2010
9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Read full event description on the  Mass Bay  District website.

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Social Media

This dizzying array of social media is the cutting edge of communications in our 21st century culture, especially for youth and young adults. And yet we grapple with how to lasso this technology to serve the mission of our Unitarian Universalist faith and the purpose of our congregations.

MBD’s Spring Conference will introduce participants to a host of new technology and expand our imagination about how to use social media to support our faith. We’ll identify and reflect on the potential and limitations of social media to nurture spiritual depth, faith development, and community building, and we’ll explore the theological and ethical implications of this media.

Featuring presentations and leadership from Shelby Meyerhoff (UUA Public Witness Specialist) and Peter Bowden (Ballou Channing District Growth Consultant), both experts in new technology and its theological implications.

Workshops to discuss the ethical and operational issues that arise when using social media in particular roles for ministers, DREs, youth workers, and lay leaders.

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