Take charge of your congregation’s most valuable publication – your Google listing!

UU Leaders,  recently I was working with Google Maps trying to make all of our congregations display at once.  A search for Unitarian or Universalist produced this map.

Clicking around this map I noticed many of our congregations haven’t claimed and updated their listing on Google.   Your Google listing is a valuable asset!  You can not only customize the content, claiming your congregation as “your business” allows you to see who is searching for you and other data.

Here’s a video from Google on the power of taking charge of your listing:

Claiming your listing:

Go to http://maps.google.com/ and search for your congregation.

When the results come up, click on map pin (usually a red dot) to open the balloon with the location details.  In the balloon containing the location information click >>more Info. This will take you to the full listing. The example below is for the Unitarian Universalist Association headquarters in Boston, MA.

If the listing has been claimed already it will say Owner Verified. If not,  there will be a >> Business Owner? link.   Click the >> Business Owner? link.  This will give you the option to edit/claim the entry.  Google will then send a card to the listed address with a pin number you may use to verify you are the owner.

Click to see larger image


There are many benefits of claiming your listing.  You may see stats for searches resulting in your listing, you may enter videos/ photos, and other information about your congregation.  Below is an example of what a claimed Owner Verified listing looks like. See live listing. Notice how it lists information about interfaith weddings?

Your Google Search listing is probably one of the most important “publications” your congregation has.  Use it wisely.

Click to see larger image


2 thoughts on “Take charge of your congregation’s most valuable publication – your Google listing!

  1. I knew how to edit my google maps site. What I want to know is how to get our congregational site higher up on the google search app. We have a google sites page, and yet old sites still outrank the new site. Ironically, it shows up first on a bing search, but not a google search.

    1. Great question. The more you can link to the new site, such as when posting comments like this, the better. I’m not a Google expert so I don’t know how long it will take for it to prioritize your new site. Glad to see that you have older site(s) redirecting to the new site.

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