Faith Formation 2020 Report

Update:  With the release of the new Faith Formation 2020 book, it appears that the previously posted summary PDF files have been pulled from the web.  The PDF links in this post are therefore no longer valid.
Tomorrow at the Ballou Channing District Spring Conference we will be discussing significant social, cultural, and  technological trends in America that are creating both challenges and opportunities for our congregations.
We’ll be drawing from research conducted through the “Faith Formation 2020 National Initiative” of  LifelongFaith Associates (  This research identified Thirteen Trends and Forces Influencing the Future of Faith Formation in a Changing Church and World”  (PDF) and “Four Scenarios for the Future of Faith Formation in 2020” (PDF).

Here’s a quick overview of the trends:

Trend 1. Declining Participation in Christian Churches
Trend 2. Growth in No Religious Affiliation
Trend 3. Becoming More “Spiritual” and Less “Religious”
Trend 4. Influence of Individualism on Christian Identity and Community Life
Trend 5. Increasing Social, Cultural, and Religious Diversity in the U.S.
Trend 6. Growing Influence of Hispanic/Latino Religious Faith
Trend 7. Identifying a New Stage of Life: “Emerging Adulthood”
Trend 8. The Rise of a Distinctive Post-Boomer Faith and Spirituality
Trend 9. Changing Structures and Patterns of Family Life in the United States
Trend 10. Rediscovering the Impact of Parents and Families on Faith Practice
Trend 11. Living in a Digital World
Trend 12. Educating in New Ways
Trend 13. Increasing Numbers of Adults 65 and Older

I’m looking forward to discussing these trends with fellow UUs.  

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