Association wide small group ministry survey

As one of the co-founders of the UU Small Group Ministry Network  I’m excited to share the following announcement.  If you have a small group ministry or covenant group program, will you please submit your answers to the following survey questions.  Thank you! My colleagues and friends are doing our association a huge favor by collecting and organizing this information.  I give you permission to send as much or as little info as you have time for, just send something. – Peter

The Small Group Ministry Network is compiling a resource titled “Small Group Ministry 2010: Celebrating Congregations” to be available for sale at General Assembly 2010 as fundraiser for the UU Small Group Ministry Network.

We are inviting congregations to give us a profile of  their Small Group Ministry/Covenant Groups based on the following survey.  Each profile will be edited to fit on a single page less so responses do need to be brief.

Please submit your profile to hope to have surveys returned by May 7, 2010.

Thanks for your contributions to UU Small Group Ministry/Covenant Groups movement. We look forward to including information about your congregation in the publication.

Rev. Helen Zidowecki
for the UU SGM Network Board

Small Group Ministry Survey Questions

Copy these questions into an email message or word file, complete and send to

Congregation Information:

Congregation Name:

Congregation Address:

Number of members:

Information about your Small Group Ministry/Covenant Group Program:

What do you call your groups and the program as a whole?

When did it start?

How many groups do you have currently?

How would you describe the overall health of the Small Group Ministry?

Briefly list successes of your program:

Briefly name some challenges that you have or are now facing:

If you are in the process of starting or restarting a program, what actions have you taken to date?

What are your plans for starting/restarting a program?

Contact information that can be included in the publication:


Other, specify:

If your program is not presently active, it would be helpful if you could share some of the factors.  These would NOT be included in the Book 2010, but could be used in a compilation of factors for further assistance to congregations.


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