Happy 50th UUA! — Join the Party, the Sunday, the Growth

Association Sunday 2010

UU Growth fans,  I’m excited to share  that our  2010 Association Sunday is focused on  drumroll …… GROWTH!

Here’s the scoop. Every year the UUA invites congregations to hold one service where we uphold the value of our working together as an association and take a special collection to fund an important area of our shared ministry.  This year the target date for the service is October 3, 2010 with funds from the special collection going to support  growth initiatives.

I should disclose that I am a  growth initiative from a previous year. My part time position is is funded by a district grant from Association Sunday 2007.

I hope you will sign up to participate.  You may learn more on the Association Sunday site and, if you’re ready,  sign up here. Below is some more information about the Sunday.   Now, where will I be speaking on this Sunday?  Hmmmm….

This is a unique year for Unitarian Universalists (UUs) everywhere: we are kicking off festivities for the 50th anniversary of our Association! Join thousands of UUs on October 3, 2010 for Association Sunday, a special service and collection that will celebrate the past 50 years of UUism and the future of our faith.

Proceeds from this year’s Association Sunday special collection will go to ensuring that our faith thrives for generations to come. Beginning in spring 2010, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) will embark on an in-depth strategic review of leadership and growth in order to develop an action plan to strengthen our community for future generations.

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