Creating a UU Congregation Fanpage without a personal account

FB Business Accounts

Some follow up questions are coming from the social media training I led on Saturday.  This one is particularly relevant for our congregations and ministers resisting Facebook.  I know plenty of ministers who don’t want to be on Facebook, as well as  staff and volunteers worrying about FB eating up too much time.

Is there a way to create a Facebook Fanpage for a congregation without having a personal Facebook account?

Yes!  Facebook created business accounts for this purpose.  A business account lets you create a Fanpage, administer it, and not have access or contact with the larger Facebook community.  This means you can create a business account, use it to set up your congregation on FB, and not have old friends from highschool, family members, church members and others discover you and “friend” you.

Details here:  Facebook Help Center > Business Accounts

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