UU top ten lists…

Just got off the phone with a colleague.  It was suggested that I make a short Youtube video listing the top ten reasons to attend our Spring Conference. A fun idea.

If you had to make a Late Show style top 10 list of reasons to attend a district conference,  what would you list?  Any suggestions?

This subject came up because a few years ago Amy and I developed another top ten list…

Peter & Amy present
the Top Ten Excuses for not admitting
you’re a Unitarian Universalist

10. Because some people confuse the Unitarian Church with Unification Church and they might think I’m a Moonie!

9. Because when they hear Universalist they might think I got ordained online through the Universal Life Church and ask me to officiate at their wedding.

8. Because proper etiquette says you’re not supposed to talk about religion or politics at a party.

7. Because plenty of people frown at all organized religion and I don’t want them frowning at me.

6. Because maybe they won’t care or won’t understand.

5. Because I might get labeled as religious. God forbid!

4. Because Coffee Hour is crowded enough as it is!

3. Because if I do they’ll ask questions and I can’t even remember the seven principles (though I am working on it).

2. Because I feel it’s each person’s responsibility to find their own religion, if they care to.

And the number one reason for not admitting you’re a Unitarian Universalist…

1. Because it’s easier to skip it than explain it.

3 thoughts on “UU top ten lists…

  1. This is fabulous! I have an entire category of “Top Ten Lists” on my blog……I think our whole generation might have been programmed by David Letterman or something, but anyway, I love this! Thanks!

  2. 10. Because your fellow UU’s will miss you if you’re not there.
    9. Because you will have at least one “Ah Ha!” moment.
    8. Because there will be not one, not two, but three fabulous speakers during the Worship Service.
    7. Because you will have the opportunity to form some new relationships.
    6. Because your perspective and thoughts matter—come share them!
    5. Because singing in a full church is energizing and wonderful.
    4. Because we will be considering the survival of Unitarian Universalism.
    3. Because this is your District.
    2. Because it’s exciting to learn of new possibilities, new visions for our faith.
    1. Because Annual Meeting is your time to welcome new religious leaders,
    thank departing ministers and DRE’s, honor generous congregations and elect
    new leadership.

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