WANTED: URLs for super social media savvy UU congregations

Mirror mirror on the wall
Which are the most social media savvy
UU congregations of them all??

Friends,  its toot your congregation’s horn time.  I’m looking for the most social media savvy congregations in the UUA.

This weekend I’m leading a social media training  and have everything set EXCEPT for needing to freshen up my list of example sites.   I want to show off how our congregations are using social media.  If you feel that your congregation is harnessing the power of these new communication and community building tools, let me know.  You can submit a link either by filling out a comment on this post or emailing me.

You can share the URL for your website, blog, Facebook fan page/group,  Twitter user name or other social media site  you think is SO amazing it has to be shown off.

Thanks for your help!

4 thoughts on “WANTED: URLs for super social media savvy UU congregations

  1. You’ll want to check out the UU Congregation of Phoenix, including their facebook page, which is frequently updated with inspirational message as well as the blog “Beacon in the Desert” which is written by members.

    I’m a former member, having moved to Houston several months ago.

  2. Peter,

    I wouldn’t say that our congregation is worth of showing -off, but we have had some success on facebook.
    Our FB page is linked to twitter, but it seems that more people are following us on FB than on twitter.
    I think that less than half our FB fans are congregation members. The rest are in other cities and a few in other countries, so we are doing some distance outreach ala CLF.

    I wonder what you other UU social media people think about this question-
    Some congregational social media efforts are lay-led (like ours). Others, though fewer, are directly from the minister.
    Which is more effective in outreach and growth?


  3. First Unitarian, Albuquerque posts sermon videos on its Facebook page and has upwards of 400 hits a week!

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