Small Group Ministry Webinar Series?

Following guest preaching this past Sunday I talked with a lay leader who asked if I still “do small group ministry.”

Answer?  Absolutely!

If you didn’t know I co-founded the UU Small Group Ministry Network and have been consulting on this topic since I launched the website in 2001.

I still consult with congregations.  I still guest preach on the topic.  When asked, I lead trainings, be it for an individual congregation, cluster or district.   The big difference is that it is now just one facet of my growth consulting work.

Which leads me to the question,  what do you think of a small group ministry / covenant group webinar series?

With webinars open to people across the UUA I suspect it would be easy enough to fill, especially given my webinars have  ~ 20 seats total.

If you’d be interested in a small group ministry webinar (or webinar series),  will you take 10 seconds and let me know.  Use this form and tell me what topics you’re interested, what challenges or issues you’d like discussed.  Anything to help me assess the need and interest.


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